Miluji těbe

He’s here, the phantom of the opera.



Young Kristin Chenoweth.


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Roger Davis


Roger Davis


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Normal Person: *watches musical*
Normal person: That was good. I enjoyed it.
Me: *watches musical*
Me: *buys cast album*
Me: *buys T shirt*
Me: *buys poster*
Me: *keeps tickets forever*
Me: *Looks up bootleg copies of said musical on YouTube*
Me: *Learns all words to said musical*
Me: *Act's out said musical*
Me: *Falls in love with actors in said musical*
Me: That was good. I enjoyed it.
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one time in broadway’s lion king the actor playing simba was sick and so were his understudies so they literally called the lead in aida a few blocks away who played simba to come and fill in even though he hadnt played simba in YEARS and he did and the audience never knew and theatre is incredible

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held in such high esteem, when people see me they will scream

16/50 Favourite Musical Theatre Pictures

16/50 Favourite Musical Theatre Pictures

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